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Good Vibe Foundation Donates to Grace Christian Elementary

Published: Sep. 26, 2023 at 10:53 PM CDT

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Marcus Carr came to Grace Christian Elementary in Hattiesburg with a surprise for the students.

Carr, better known as DJ Kujho, donated hundreds of backpacks, notebooks and other supplies to the school.

“Being able to donate—being able to give; that’s where your blessings come from,” said Carr.

Carr grew up in the Hub City and said he learned to give back from his family.

“My parents, my grandmother, and my great-grandfather are all products of Hattiesburg, Mississippi,” Carr said. “They’ve always taught me a sense of community.”

In addition to the other supplies, Carr incorporated his music background to gift each student with another item essential to their learning.

“They said they needed headphones for listening,” Carr said. “Me being a DJ, it made sense to have headphones be the main focal point, so we have headphones for the kids as well.”

The school will have more than 300 new headphones, enough for every student to have their own.

Carr reached out to assistant principal James Longmire who was happy to help with the donation.

“It helps out tremendously because these are resources that we use on a daily basis,” said Longmire. “Paper and pencils are always needed here at the school.”

Longmire said the headphones will be a big aid in the learning process considering the amount of time students spend on their devices.

“Kids study on different platforms,” Longmire said. “We use iPads, computers, desktops and Chromebooks.”

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